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Injury Rehabilitation

Rehab and Recovery
At Pace Fitness, we have the education and experience to recognize, understand and help you manage your pain or instability. We work with your unique biomechanics and implement strategies to reduce occurrence of injuries or increase strength, flexibility, range-of-motion and balance.

To help our clients see results we will conduct the following:

  • Postural analysis to help identify stressed or weakened areas.
  • Movement screening to help indentify range of motion of body mechanics
  • Biomechanic assessment
  • Core/flexibility assessment

Injury Prevention (Pre-hab)
At Pace Fitness, we believe in Prehab, a proactive approach to protecting yourself from injury. Piller strength, which consists of hip, shoulder, and core stability, is the foundation to efficient human movement and is vital to optimizing performance and health.

PACE FITNESS partners with Wicked Good Wellness Group and Elliot Physical Therapy.