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Personal Training

The Fitness Professional with PACE Personal Training is trained to educate and motivate. Our team will provide you with elite services by fulfilling your short-term and long-term personal goals. In order to obtain your primary fitness goals, your compliance and commitment is necessary.

Did you know that the IDEA, the International Health and Fitness organization, released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer.

Personal Training gets RESULTS and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention! Personal Training is no longer reserved for the big stars and professional athletes. A step in the right direction is better then no step at all!

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The thought of entering an exercise facility and starting an exercise program without any assistance can be intimidating. Trying to teach yourself how to use all of the equipment can be very confusing. Your trainer will teach you everything from range of motion, to technique and form, all the way to breathing techniques and flexibility. They will ensure that you are exercising correctly and safely. Your trainer will provide you with enough guidance, motivation and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective exercise patterns right from the beginning.

It’s common to feel like the amount of effort you’re putting in is not matching the reward. Your personal trainer will customize and change your program to help show you how to get those results to come a lot quicker. Your trainer will provide you with a new exercise regime that will take you to a higher level of health and fitness. Your personal trainer will make the difference between a workout and a great workout!

You’re not alone. Seventy to eighty percent of people discontinue their exercise program after 2-3 months. But, things could be different. Your Personal Trainer will help you adhere to your program consistently. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer, you make the commitment to yourself. This is a commitment that the trainer will not let you break!

Many people dream of the challenge of completing/competing in an athletic event. With your own personal coach, that dream becomes reality. Whether you are training for a sport, a 5 or 10 km fun run, a half or a full marathon, a triathlon, skiing, a grueling hike or just training to improve your golf or tennis game, your trainer will provide you with a plan for success.

An injury can really set you back. You have the choice of doing nothing or taking an active role in feeling better. Your trainer will work with you and your health care professional to develop a safe post-rehabilitation program. Your trainer will assist you on your road to recovery.

Prehab is the proactive approach to protecting yourself from injury. Pillar strength, which consists of hip, shoulder, and core stability, is the foundation to efficient human movement and is vital to optimizing performance and health.

Here at PACE we have the tool set to recognize, understand and deal with pain or instability in a client’s body and get results. We work with your unique biomechanics and implement strategies to reduce occurrence of injuries or increase strength, flexibility, ROM and Balance.

TRX Training

TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise, was designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  It requires the use of TRX suspension trainer, performance training tools that leverage gravity and the user's own body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

Group Classes

Group/Buddy Training
Do you have 2-4 friends that would benefit from training?  It's an inexpensive and fun way to spend time together and rejuvenate your workout routine.

Corporate Wellness Consultation
We also offer services to businesses to help improve employee retention, morale and production through specialized health and fitness programs.
Classes are small to medium in size, varying between 2-6 clients per class.

Specialty Training

For individuals looking to train for fitness, bodybuilding, and swimsuit competitions, we can customize a program to help you reach your goals.